Associate Course Director - Show Production
AUD229 Project and Portfolio 2- Audio Arts SHP3215 Audio Visual Technologies

Lab Specialist - Recording Arts BS
REC3223 Digital Consoles

SHP2005 Introduction to Audio Visual Technology

Patch Sheet for AUD229, an introductory to lighting and video. 
Lesson Plans for labs in AUD229.
Lesson Plans for Audio Visual Technologies

Support courses by teaching curriculum face-to-face in lecture and lab situations for 6-12 students. Responsible for delivering materials, troubleshooting equipment and software issues, daily grading of projects, taking and reporting attendance. An active member of the university's community, including working and attending special events and supplemental courses for continuing education in the ever-changing technological industry. Generate course materials to enrich the current curriculum. Resident Video Technician for various events produced by Full Sail University: Producing, Technical Direction, Video Engineering, Camera Operation, audio engineering, RTS Communications systems, breakout rooms, and Live-to-Tape recordings.


2015 Winner, Grand Jury Prize, Best Horror Feature, Shriekfest Film Fest

2015 Winner, Best Director, New York City Horror Film Festival
2015 Winner, Best Sound Design, New York City Horror Film Festival
2015 Winner, Audience Award, Knoxville Horror Film Festival

2015 Winner, Grand Jury Prize, StarLite Film Festival
2014 Winner, Best Florida Feature, Freak Show Horror Film Festival

2014 Winner, Best Thriller Feature, Atlanta Horror Film Festival


“Where is Alice?”

2014 Winner, Jury Selection, Brouhaha Film and Video Showcase

2014 Winner, Best Regional Short, Knoxville Horror Film Festival 

2015 Official Selection, Dead By Dawn



2013 Nominated, Best Short Film, Fright Meter Awards
2012 Winner, Creepiest Film, Knoxville Horror Film Fest
2012 Winner, Audience Award Best Student Film, Charlotte Horror Fest

2011 Winner, Jury Selection, Brouhaha Film and Video Showcase



Work with and support the Technical Director, Stage Manager, and Production Manager in preparation for and during private and public performances and events at the venue. Well- versed in most aspects of theatrical stage productions, including pre-production design meetings and execution of agreed concepts. Production experience includes producing Live-to-Tape productions, installation of professional sound systems, hang and focus lighting fixtures, programming audio cues, working with clients, installing communications systems, digital projection, and managing wireless microphone (RF) systems. 



Susan Williams is an Associate Course Director in Full Sail University's Show Production program. Previously she was a local theatre technician and independent micro-budget film producer. She received her Bachelor of Arts degree in Theatre with a minor in Cinema Studies from the University of Central Florida. Susan has spent her career working for various theatres around the country, including the Orlando Repertory Theatre, The Garden Theatre, and the Lake Tahoe Shakespeare Festival. She also works as a digital projectionist for the Florida Film Festival. In addition to theatre, she has produced an award-winning short film, "Séance.” In 2014, Susan produced her first feature-length horror film, “Interior,” which has won many festival awards, including Best Horror Feature Film at Shriekfest 2015, Best Sound Design, NYC Horror Film Festival 2015, and Audience Award for the Knoxville Horror Film Festival 2015. Susan is an active member of the Orlando chapter of


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